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Your team at Davidson is committed to completing the best remodeling project for your home. Good communication is the key to a successful project. The following is pertinent information for you to review. It is a sampling of what you can expect from us during the production phase of your project.


Hand-off Meeting

Upon completion of the Pre-construction Phase, when we enter into a Construction Agreement, it is time for your project to move into production. That's when we have the 'hand-off' meeting. The 'hand-off' meeting will be attended by you, your pre-construction team and your lead carpenter. Here you will have your first formal meeting with your lead carpenter who will thereafter be your primary contact throughout your project. Here we will review your project binder and discuss the particulars of your project.

Project Binder

Your project binder contains the elements of your project. It will include specification sheets, emergency numbers, subcontractor information, suppliers, the schedule and copies of daily project reports, change orders, etc. Your lead carpenter will also have a copy of the project binder. The binder provides you and the lead carpenter with a place to write down any and all comments or concerns you may have. You can rest assured that any questions or issues that arise will be dealt with on a day to day basis. the binder will remain on site throughout your remodel. We ask that you take the time to write your requests in the binder so we can assure that your needs are clearly understood and met.

Lead Carpenter System

A Lead Carpenter will be assigned to your job. While other members of the Davidson team will come and go, your Lead Carpenter will remain throughout the project. The lead is responsible for all production aspects of your project including scheduling labor, trade partners, material selections and deliveries. The lead will also handle changes and all client communications. When necessary, based on your requests, your Lead Carpenter will generate change orders and additional work authorizations to be approved by you.


Conferences will be held periodically during your project to discuss progress, planning, selections, decisions, etc. to ensure proper work flow. Your Lead Carpenter will schedule these conferences and notify any Trade Partners or team members that need to attend. Conferences will be scheduled at your convenience. It is important that you are involved in these construction meetings. However, please do not hesitate to communicate at any time with your Lead Carpenter.

Hours of Work

Our teams typically work 4-day work-week consisting of 10 hour days and working Monday through Thursday. The team will usually arrive no earlier than 7:00 AM and stop work at 6:00 PM. Circumstances may require team members to work on a Friday or Saturday. Also, the team maybe not be on your job on a given day due to the nature of remodeling. Please let us know if there are any special circumstances that you want us to consider about the hours we are working on your project.


Your Lead Carpenter will be in charge of access to your home. A key and/or alarm code will be made available to them.


A Porta John will be placed on most projects for use by our workers throughout your project. The John will be serviced weekly. For smaller projects a restroom should be designated to be available for our workers. The Porta John will be placed where you designate.


Our workers will use their company cell phones. It may be necessary for the lead or a worker to make an important phone call utilizing your phone.


It is our intent that your job site be left in broom-clean condition with equipment properly stowed at the end of each work day.


Our larger projects often have a set schedule. In that event, a schedule will be provided for you. We will make our best effort to keep your jon flowing. Nonetheless, circumstances arise that may alter that schedule. You will be informed of any changes right away. All change orders will show their impact on the schedule.

Trade Partners

At Davidson we have the good fortune to be supported by the best Trade Contractors (subcontractors)that operate in our remodeling market. Our customers and everyone involved with each of our projects benefit from our outstanding team. You can rest assured knowing that Davidson requires all of our Trade Partners to adhere to strict guidelines that include, but are not limited to, continuous state licensing and insurance coverage. Davidson's Trade Partners are seasoned professionals who have proven themselves worthy of working on our projects. Davidson's Trade Partners are an important part of your job and will be scheduled well in advance.

Payment of Invoices

There will be a deposit upon execution of the construction agreement. After that you will be invoiced as described in your construction agreement. A final invoice will be presented when all work is complete and you are satisfied by the outcome.


We all love our pets but remodeling can be very stressful for them. A lot of new people and big trucks will be coming and going. We will try to accommodate your pet as best as we can. Please be sure to give any special instructions to the lead on your project.


Please let us know if you have any special requirements for parking.

Preparing for  your Job

The one person rule applies to preparing for your job. This means that if an item can be handled by one person, it is the client's responsibility to move it. Our clients are responsible for clearing shelves, bookcases, artwork, knickknacks, etc. If anything requires two or more people to move, we will move it. Please let us know in advance where you anticipate needing our help.

Trash Disposal

Either a dumpster or a construction waste pile will be placed on your property. You will advise us as to placement. Waste will be removed when there is a full load or when the project is completed. In some cases waste will be removed daily.

Material Storage

We will need an area to store materials to be used on your job (ex: driveway, carport, garage). In the event that additional storage is needed, a storage container will be placed on your property. Unneeded materials will be removed in a timely fashion.


Davidson's workers and Trade Partners know that smoking, loud music or any action that is deemed to be disrespectful or offensive is unacceptable. Please advice your Lead Carpenter if there are any problems in these areas. Conduct guidelines are laid out in our Employee Manual and our Subcontractor Agreement. For a copy of one or both of these documents please send a request to our office manager.

Code Requirements

Davidson makes every effort to anticipate and address all building code requirements in the design or cost planning phase of your project. On occasion, there will be code requirements that surface that were not apparent in the early phases of your project. Additional work required in such cases will be addressed with a change order.

Change Orders/ Additional Work Authorizations

A change order or additional work authorization is a deviation from the scope of work as defined in the plans and specifications referenced in the construction agreement. A change order defines a change in scope where an additional work authorization addresses an expansion of the scope of work. Any deviation from the contract should be addressed immediately to avoid misunderstandings and help hold down costs. Payments for change orders and additional work authorizations will be added to your next bill. All change orders and additional work authorizations will address their impact on the construction schedule.

Moonlighting/ Side Jobs

Neither our team members nor our subcontractors are allowed to work directly for our clients in any capacity. This is in violation of their agreement with Davidson. Moreover, proper execution requires that Davidson maintain control and accountability for your project.

Project Signs

We request permission to place one of our project signs on your property Most of our work comes from referrals and word of mouth. The sign is a great way to get our name out as well as giving your neighbors a number to call in case they have any problems or concerns with our activity in the area. The sign also makes it easier for suppliers, subcontractors, inspectors, etc. to find the project.


Davidson has a photographer who will take pictures of your project from start to finish. Davidson will provide you with copies of these pictures upon completion of the project.

Project Wrap-up

Once your remodel is complete and you've had the opportunity to sit back, relax and enjoy your new space for a while, Davidson will contact you to schedule a wrap-up meeting. We will review how your project went and address any questions you might have. This is not the end, but a beginning of a new and different relationship. We will happily honor our 5 year guarantee and our Handyman Service will be there whenever you need us.


Let's get this right out front, remodeling is disruptive! Having people banging on your house, blocking your driveway, etc. can interrupt your lifestyle. Davidson will make every effort to make the disturbance as tolerable and easy as possible. We assure you that the temporary disruption will lead to a worthwhile finished product.

The Long and the Short

Our goal is to make remodeling a good experience for everyone. In order for this to happen, communication is the key. Every effort will be made to ensure that your project goes as smoothly as possible and make your experience a pleasant one. If you have any concerns, please let us know right away s we can can address the issue.

We look forward to being of service to you.





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