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"We appreciate the professional job the guy's did! The house looks beautiful!"
—Pat & Carl S.
   Harvard, MA

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At Davidson we strive to be to be the best painting company we can be. The outline below defines and specifies what you can expect from our company and employees.


Paints and Stains That We Use

Davidson Painting will use only top of the line paints and stains for your project. Brands such as Benjamin Moore, California, Shrewin Williams, Cabot’s and Sikkens are product lines that we use most often. Working with high quality paints and stains enables us to ensure the highest quality results. The cost that would be saved initially by using inferior products may eventually be spent tenfold for replacements as a result of their lack of quality and durability. The same can be said for other products we use like caulking, primers and patching materials.

Power Washing

Davidson Painting will power wash your house before applying any paint or stain. Power washing your house and other structures removes all dirt, salt, mildew and other contaminants that inhibit proper paint or stain adhesion. By properly preparing your house we can ensure a long-lasting finish.

Covering and Protecting

Maintaining the cleanliness and order of your home is very important to Davidson. Nothing can sour a quality paint job more than leaving paint drops behind or ruining any items. When we finish a project, we want it to appear as if we were never there, and the home has just painted itself. The removal and storage of items and fixtures will occur when applicable. All areas that are not being finished will be covered. Any other precautions necessary to make the painting job a clean one will be taken.

Applying Sample Colors

When a project agreement calls for a color change, Davidson will apply up to 8 sample colors at no charge to you. Color charts and paint chips are great to help you narrow down your color choice, but nothing gives you the correct idea of how the color will appear like applying a sample of the actual paint or stain to your house. This will allow you to see how the color will react to different light thus enabling you to be confident in your color choice. We will not start your project until all colors have been finalized.

Surface Preparation

Surface preparation is one of the most important parts of a quality paint or stain project. When done properly, this ensures a good job and allows the painting or staining to go on much more smoothly. Davidson will prepare the surface by removing loose, poorly adhered and otherwise failed paint and stain, cleaning all dust and debris, sanding and brushing wood and installing new stainless steel siding nails where old ones have backed out. Other surface preparation may occur when appropriate.

Caulking and Filling Gaps

Caulking and filling gaps are done to provide a solid looking finish. Siliconized, acrylic, latex and vinyl filters will fill any voids and allow some movement if your house expands or contracts with weather.


Correctly priming your home provides the best foundation for the proper adhesion of paint or stain. Fully priming your home is not always necessary if the old paint or stain is in good condition. When we estimate your project, we will assess and outline your priming needs. Different applications may require different primers. We make sure to recognize and address each situation.

Our Guarantee

We at Davidson Painting strive for perfection. We adhere to our rules and practices to achieve the finest paint or stain project possible. This is why we stand behind our work with a two year unconditional guarantee. If you have any questions or feel that any work is sub-par during performance please contact us at any time.


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